There is always
left to lose...

the price of salvation may be higher than she ever imagined.

In a kingdom devastated by the plague and ruled by a prince who has forsaken his people, Odyssa's desperation drives her to infiltrate the forbidden castle, assuming the guise of a servant amid the prince's opulent parties.

As she unearths dark secrets within the castle's walls, she becomes entangled in a perilous game of power and deceit, and with her fate and that of her family now hanging in the balance, she must be more careful than ever.

With the attention of a mysterious masked figure and the wrath of the prince upon her, Odyssa must navigate a treacherous path where love and betrayal collide, testing her resolve and leading her to confront the true cost of salvation.

In a kingdom drowning in blood, there is always a dark side.

Inspired by various works of Edgar Allan Poe, BTGW is a standalone adult gothic romantasy brimming with rare magic, treacherous romance, and dark opulence.

Artwork by @artbysmashley

Other things to know:

This story contains dark elements and mature content that may be triggering for some readers.

It is not recommended for readers under 18.

Content includes:

  • Graphic death of a parent and mentioned death of siblings
  • Grief
  • Sickness/pandemic
  • Injury and body horror
  • Moderate to explicit sexual content
  • Violence and murder
  • Blood and gore
  • Mild gaslighting and manipulation
  • Mentioned hallucinations

  • Sentient castle
  • Ghost cat
  • Tattoo magic
  • And more to come...

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Physical preorders from here in the shop will be up in early summer along with the cover reveal.

I cannot put up physical preorders on retailers until the book is finalized and formatted. So, those will be up closer to release day, likely sometime in early September.

As another note, I cannot guarantee that Amazon will honor the preorders, especially for hardcovers, or if they will say they're suddenly "unavailable" on release day.

Amazon does not like coordinating with IngramSpark and this has happened to MANY indie authors in the past year or so, and it is entirely out of our control.

If you are able, I highly, highly recommend preordering your physical copy from my shop, Barnes & Noble or literally anywhere else besides Amazon.

Project Poe (aka BTGW) is an adult gothic fantasy romance.

Due to mature content (both romance and other themes), I don't recommend it for anyone under 18.

If you call this book young adult, our main man is going to come for you in your nightmares. Don't do it.

Yes! There are no plans to continue this world at this time. This book is fully self-contained and has a HEA.

That said, I always leave a few threads open here or there so if I do want to return to the world in the future, I'm able to.

Yes, unlike my other books, this one does have much more explicit spice.

I'd rate it a 5-6 on the wonderful Jenny Hickman's 10 point Romantic Content Rating Scale (RCRS).

There is the potential that I may be cooking up something special for physical preorders here in the shop.

That said, I'm not currently in talks with anyone to do special editions for Project Poe (aka BTGW).

If any box is interested in doing special editions of BTGW, please reach out to my agent at

I hope so! But an audiobook producer would have to be interested in buying the rights first, so it's not really up to me.

Ultimately, if no publisher decides to buy the rights for the audiobook, I will likely pursue getting it produced myself, but this is a large upfront cost (approximately $3k minimum for transparency) and it would likely be a while before I'm able to afford it.

Eventually, I hope so! My translation rights are now handled by my agent, and foreign translations are driven by demand.

If you want BTGW in your language, let your local publishing houses know!