My Recommendations for Author Service Providers

You bet your ass I do! 

One of my most commonly asked questions from other authors or aspiring authors is, “do you have a recommendation for [insert various services here]?” And the answer is yes! To all of it, yes I do! 

So, the easiest way to share that with everyone is to put it in this blog post! I’ll keep a “last updated” date at the bottom of this post, and keep it continually updated as I add or remove things from the list. 

This list will be organized in a loose “order” of when you would need to utilize each service.


Sensitivity Readers

Cover Designers

Map Makers


Graphic Designers

Personal/Virtual Assistants

  • Leah @ Wicked Reads Services
  • Sam @ Bound by Mischief
  • Peachy Keen Author Services

PR/Marketing & Book Tours

  • Shaye (@shayealexabk on TikTok) – PR Boxes & Influencer Campaigns
  • Book of Matches Media – book tours
  • Hidden Hollow Book Tours – book tours
  • The Next Step PR – full service PR and book tours
  • RR Book Tours – book tours
  • Peachy Keen Author Services – book tours and other PR

[last updated: May 26, 2023]

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