Image of man and woman holding each other in front of cemetery gates. Woman has wavy dark brown hair pulled back from her face and is wearing a purple dress, a red crystal necklace, and is controlling flames that wrap around them. The man has short blond hair and is wearing a dark jacket and cape and is controlling dark purple and black swirls of magic that is wrapping around them. Art is by @theclever.crow on Instagram, artwork is from the book Hollowed by Jessica S. Taylor.

The Dullahan isn't who
they said he was...
but neither is
Katrina Van Tassel.

Nothing is as it seems in Sleepy Hollow...

Cross the bridge into this gothic fantasy romance, filled with witches, mythical beings, and secrets you never saw coming.

When Katrina van Tassel is chosen by her parents to be sacrificed to the Dullahan for the safety of Sleepy Hollow, Katrina plots to run away, only to come face to face with the very being who should bring about her death.

But the Headless Horseman isn't interested in her sacrifice, but rather in how her volatile magic can save the town from the evil being summoned to the town.

Cross the bridge into the Hollow and pick up your next dark fantasy romance read.

Cross the veil into Sleepy Hollow...if you dare.

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What Readers Are Saying:


An incredible Sleepy Hollow reimagining perfect for spooky season! The chilling vibes paired with a relatable MC uncovering the mysteries of the magical town she lives in was exactly what I wanted to kick off the fall.

Tina M.

A hauntingly beautiful gothic fantasy read!

Ivana P.

An eerie paranormal town and a chilling mystery make it a haunting gothic tale while the heart-healing romance and themes of self worth made it a moving one too. A great read for fall!

Tessonja Odette
author of Curse of the Wolf King

A standalone Sleepy Hollow retelling with the perfect amount of slow burn romance, magic, and dark fantasy!

Brook M.

With every page equal parts eerie and enchanting, Hollowed is absolutely legendary.

Casey L. Bond
author of Where Oceans Burn

A little dark, a little spooky, and the perfect mix of Sleepy Hollow legend and lore made this book an intriguing read from start to finish.

Melissa Roehrich
author of Lady of Darkness


The audiobook for Hollowed is officially live, and is available at all major audiobook retailers (including libraries)!

Hollowed's audiobook is narrated by Zura Johnson and is published by Dreamscape Media.

Want to hear Katrina and Alexander be brought to life?

Other things to know:

  • Recurring instances of parental neglect and emotional abuse
  • Non-explicit references to sacrificial practices
  • Explicit depictions of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • Moderate but brief depictions of suicidal ideation
  • Explicit descriptions of death and murder
  • Explicit injury descriptions, including blood and gore
  • Brief and implied mentions of non-consensual drug use
  • Very mild romantic sexual content and situations
  • One bed
  • One horse
  • Fake marriage
  • Chosen one
  • Hard of hearing FMC
  • Forced proximity
  • Sentient house/books
  • Who did this to you
  • Touch him and die
  • Take your hand off my wife

Hollowed is a new adult (18-24) gothic fantasy.

Due to mature content (not romance mature, violence and mental health mature), I don't recommend it for anyone under 17.

To be more specific, this is a gothic romantic fantasy, meaning the romance is a subplot to the fantasy plot.

Yes! There are no plans to continue this world at this time. This book is fully self-contained and has a HEA.

Nope! This doesn't even really rate a chili pepper rating.

They kiss quite a few times, and there's some nudity and tension, so there IS romance, but this is not a romance first story.

I'm not currently in talks with anyone to do special editions for Hollowed. If there's enough demand, I might consider doing one myself.