Content Warnings

The Duology

Seas of Caladhan

  • Violence (throughout)
  • Blood/gore
  • Death/murder 
  • Torture
  • Dismemberment
  • Non-explicit flashbacks of physical abuse
  • Brief & non-explicit references to child kidnapping and deaths
  • Mentions of past domestic violence
  • Mild to moderate sexual content
  • Depictions of anxiety, depression, PTSD
  • Mentions of past arranged marriages
  • Imprisonment and threat of hanging (book 2)
Book cover of The Syren's Mutiny by Jessica S. Taylor, showing a woman's hand with talons reaching through the water and framed by pieces of red coral.
Book cover for The Captain's Revenge by Jessica S. Taylor, showing a pirate ship in an ocean that is slowly being filled with blood in the water.


  • Recurring instances of parental neglect and emotional abuse
  • Non-explicit references to sacrificial practices
  • Explicit depictions of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • Moderate but brief depictions of suicidal ideation
  • Explicit descriptions of death and murder
  • Explicit injury descriptions, including blood and gore
  • Brief and implied mentions of non-consensual drug use
  • Very mild romantic sexual content and situations