Beyond Those Gilded Walls eBook
Beyond Those Gilded Walls eBook
Beyond Those Gilded Walls eBook

Beyond Those Gilded Walls eBook

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A gothic romantasy inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe

Odyssa Duhiva has served her entire life, ensuring her brothers have the life she didn't. When her mother passes from the blood plague spreading across the kingdom and her youngest brother begins to show signs of the illness, Odyssa has no choice but to infiltrate the castle in hopes of securing the rumored treatment hidden inside. 

But after catching the attention of the prince's right hand, Odyssa finds herself embroiled in a game of deceipt and power and quickly discovers that the castle is hungry for more than just secrets... And no one is telling the truth.

Salvation always has a price.

This book is a PREORDER and will be released on 15 octobre 2024.

In a kingdom drowning in blood, all Odyssa Duhiva wants is to save her family. But the price of salvation may be higher than she ever imagined.

The kingdom of Veressia has been forsaken by its prince, who has chosen instead to drown out the screams of the dying. Trapped in a kingdom without a leader and blamed by her brothers for her mother’s death, Odyssa has little hope of ever succeeding at honoring her mother’s dying wish.

Driven by desperation, Odyssa ventures into the heart of the barricaded castle, masquerading as a servant amidst the prince's nightly opulent parties. But as she delves deeper into the castle’s secrets, she uncovers a sinister connection between the coward prince and the devastating plague.

After attracting the attention of the prince’s most trusted advisor, Odyssa finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of power and deceit. With each step closer to the truth, she realizes that her fate—and the fate of her family—rests in the hands of the handsome stranger whose true intentions for betraying his prince and helping her seem content to remain shrouded in mystery.

As forbidden passions ignite, tentative alliances are forged, and dark secrets are revealed, Odyssa must choose between following her heart or sacrificing it for the promise of salvation.

Inspired by various works of Edgar Allan Poe, Beyond Those Gilded Walls is a standalone adult gothic fantasy romance brimming with rare magic, treacherous romance, and dark opulence.

This story contains dark elements and mature content that may be triggering for some readers. It is not recommended for readers under 18. Content includes:
• Familial death (on-page and off-page)
• Pandemic/plague
• Body horror
• Blood and gore
• Violence and murder
• Explicit sexual content

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