digital painting of underwater scene. focal point is a man with shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail, wearing boots, pants and a long sleeve shirt being pulled towards the surface of the water by a mermaid with a red tail and long red hair. She is reaching toward the surface with one hand and holding him up with the other. The background is a shipwreck scene beneath the water. Art done by @theclever.crow on Instagram. Artwork is from The Syren's Mutiny by Jessica S. Taylor

We are the women the
sea gave back...
The ones men
could not drown

The Seas of Caladhan have never been safe for a woman…

The Syren’s Mutiny will take you both beneath the sea, and above it. Deadly sirens, uncharacteristically noble pirates, and a growing darkness threatening the seas that both call home.

Second chances bring forbidden allies together to defeat their enemies, but the partnership may just grow to be more than they were expecting.

The Syren’s Mutiny is the first book in a slow-burn new adult fantasy romance duology, pulling you into a Celtic mythology inspired world of vigilante pirates, bloodthirsty syrens, and action-packed adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This book does end in a cliffhanger, but the duology is complete.

Book cover of The Syren's Mutiny by Jessica S. Taylor, showing a woman's hand with talons reaching through the water and framed by pieces of red coral.

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What Readers Are Saying:


Taylor's deftly told fantasy romance will draw readers in from the first page to the last.

Booklife Editor's Pick Review
Publishers Weekly

Jessica S. Taylor introduces us to a vivid and beautifully detailed new world full of vengeful syrens, quick-witted pirates!

Whitney Dean
author of Rise of the Cinder Fae

A memorable debut with beautiful world-building, flawed yet loveable characters, and a delicious, slow burn romance.

Jenny Hickman
author of A Cursed Kiss

Other things to know:

  • Violence (throughout)
  • Blood/gore
  • Death/murder 
  • Dismemberment
  • Non-explicit flashbacks of physical abuse
  • Brief & non-explicit references to child kidnapping and deaths
  • Mentions of past domestic violence
  • Mild sexual content
  • Depictions of anxiety, depression
  • Mentions of past arranged marriages
  • Touch them and die
  • Grumpy/Sunshine
  • Found family
  • Sorry I tried to kill you
  • Second chance romance
  • Insta-attraction but slow burn
  • LGBTQ syrens
  • Bisexual FMC
  • Anxiety & mental health rep

The Seas of Caladhan is a new adult (18-24) fantasy romance duology.

It's appropriate for mature YA readers (17+) due to violence and other graphic content.

TSM is not spicy. There are some steamy moments and lots and lots of sexual tension, but this is not considered a spicy or smutty romance. It's a slow burn.

In book 1, there are 2 moderately explicit scenes.

Yes! But don't worry, the duology is complete so you can dive right into book 2!

As of right now, I'm under contract for translations into Spanish and Italian.

As far as other languages, that's up to demand and foreign publishers requesting my rights.

If we get other translation deals, I'll share it on my social media and update it here!

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